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Underwhelming Sexual Experiences

How much does it really matter if you are not really satisfied with your partner?

How do you tell them that you arent happy?

There are a couple things that you should consider…

1. Be vocal- take the time to explain to your partner what you actually want! Its important to remember that “we romantacize sex, and assume that our partners can read our minds instead of talking about what we like or need” – Liana Palmerio-Meivor (sex therapist, Oakville Ont)

2. Do NOT compare him/her to someone else!
We are all unique individuals, and do things our own way. Do not make the mistake of comparing him/her to someone else. Its completely unfair- not to mention you are setting yourself up, as you will never be able to fully enjoy your sexual experiene with them.

3. This is REAL life- things happen
“Outside of the movies sex rarely lasts more than 13 minutes (Journal of Sexual Medicine Survey). If he/she isn’t going for hours on end, remember that theyre human, and this is REAL life! Ladies also keep in mind that 3 out of 10 men struggle with premature ejaculation; just take it as a compliment!

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